Welcome to my website, Wounded Eagle Flying. My name is Joseph Breen, and I was born in Westchester, NY in 1958. I'm an actor and a singer, a father and a husband, a brother and a son, and a man living with AIDS. 


Before my diagnosis I had much success working in television in NYC, including starring roles in three different daytime soap operas, and also singing and acting in the theater world. Then my story took a dramatic turn when I became infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. My life, my entire world, changed forever. 


Thirty years on, I'm asking and reflecting on how I got from there to here, how I can make sense of the lost years. Mine is a story of survival which I'd like to share so that others can take heart and know that even wounded eagles can learn to fly again.


On this site you'll find a short video (use password shalamar) which will put you on the inside of my journey of survival -- from diagnosis to learning how to paraglide off the Alps.  Yes, paraglide off the Alps! And a proposal of what the full-length documentary, when complete, will reveal not only about my journey with this illness, first hand, but also my journey back to gratitude. 


My intention is to 'fly high' above my fears and illusions about illness, about life and about death, and to share my story with others. 


Feel free to write to me and tell me what you think.


With gratitude,

Joe Breen


Contributions to the funding of this project will be most welcomed.